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Red, Fight, and Blue: How Religious America Became So Divided

This year the Gotto Lecture will be available online and we are excited to share this compelling event widely with friends across the country.

An award-winning staff writer for The Atlantic and a noted commentator on religious issues in the United States and globally, Emma Green has spent nearly a decade covering religious communities at moments of tension and change. She was recently awarded the 2020 Laureate of the George W. Hunt Prize for outstanding journalism.

Among Green’s recent stories is a series on the aftermath of a shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018, when a professed white supremacist killed 11 Jews in worship and injured several others. She has also written about the Christians living in Iraq’s Nineveh Plain, who have reached a demographic crisis after decades of relentless violence and political persecution, and the diaspora communities of Chaldean Catholics who have settled in cities like Detroit.

Emma shares her excitement about the upcoming conversation with Senior Pastor Scott Black Johnston. “The lecture will focus on themes of unity and division in American politics right now, and our inability to recognize one another as neighbors,” Green says. “I’ll look at the way this plays out in religious communities and how religious beliefs and identities can sometimes exacerbate these rifts.”

Look for details this fall for how to reserve your free online ticket for The Anita & Antonio Gotto Lecture on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 7 pm.