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2024 Pledge Campaign

Light is Holy.

God makes light before making anything else. God guides the nighttime journeys of the Israelites in the desert with a shining pillar of fire. Christ restores sight to the blind throughout the Gospels. On the road to Damascus, the Lord appears to Paul as “a light from heaven” (Acts 9:3).

This is a light that gives life.

At Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, God’s light shines brightly. You can see it in our volunteers as they prepare and serve meals to those less fortunate. You can see it in our Deacons, our Elders, our leaders on Session, and our Board of Trustees as they support our church. You can see it every Sunday when we come together in person and online to pray and praise the Lord, as we have done for over two hundred years.

This is a light that abides.

Now we are called to help sustain God’s light. Will you pledge your support for our ministries, our communities, and our church? Will you give generously of your own light, so that together we may shine ever brighter, for our community, our city, and our world?

This is a light that needs you.

Will you help this light shine?

Darby Blaker & Matt Martinez
Co-chairs, 2024 Pledge Campaign

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