Stories of These Times · March 23, 2020

The Aspiring Chorister

Phillip and Kayla Ma, along with their two-year-old, Austin, watched Sunday’s worship video as a family. Phillip sent the senior pastor an email afterward, along with a photo. We share them with his permission.

Hi Scott,

Hope your family and you are safe and well!

We wanted to email you and thank you so much for an amazing sermon today. We really appreciate your teachings and leadership during this time of unprecedented hardship, uncertainty and pain.

The Ma family has been in the camp like many other families, trying to balance raising our family and being productive professionals trying to keep their jobs through this tumultuous period. Through it all, we are trying to find ways for us to foster community and stay neutral/positive.

Wanted to share a picture of Austin from today. We watched the sermon together as a family, and he loved the music. Austin sang along and mentioned that he wanted to join the choir once we are back. We were so touched; [it] brought tears to our eyes. Thank you and the entire FAPC family and community for all that you do. We truly inspired and lucky to be part of this amazing community and family.