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Updates from Fifth & 55th

  • History

    Remembering John Howard Sanden

    The renowned artist, who gifted Fifth Avenue with some of his best work, died on Christmas Eve.

    January 11, 2023
  • History

    Honoring 366 Who Served

    On Nov. 13, Fifth Avenue will recognize veterans of three major conflicts of the past century.

    November 01, 2022
  • General News

    Why We Remember Ken Jones

    Senior Pastor Scott Black Johnston on the pastor who embodied servant leadership at Fifth Avenue.

    September 29, 2022
  • History

    A Humble Start

    The church takes steps to reckon with a troubling history.

    May 19, 2022
  • History

    May 9, 1875: Dedicating Our New Church

    The Sanctuary of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is 145 years old today.

    May 09, 2020
  • History

    Remembering All Who Served, 100 Years Ago

    Some 223 military and civilians from Fifth Avenue were engaged in the First World War. Six gave their lives.

    December 14, 2018
  • History

    New Exhibit Celebrates Remarkable Women from Fifth Avenue History

    A social reformer. An advocate for people living on the streets. A prominent philanthropist. A household slave. These are among the women who stand out most prominently in the 210-year-history of this congregration. This fall, they are getting their due.

    November 01, 2018